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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 28 Release - I think Aldron is even bigger than Mount Everest and because he is made of wood I think it isn't that durable and maybe damaged with some combined efforts. Still I would love to see its Dragon Roar and other abilities it has. Don't think Touka would be making her appearance now the current focus is Aldron, hope mashima would be consistent with Aldron's size as it's his major attraction. Are all the dragon gods equal in power or are they stronger or weaker than one another. END Natsu should not be able to damage Aldron given its massive size unless it's less durable, seriously I think this dragon should have been kept for the last just think about the other dragons. Have we been given any info about the all the dragon's powers? I like to see difficult tests, more if it is a dragon and much more if it has the power to read minds and measure everyone's heart, so I think the past chapters are not filling, in fact the interaction between gray and juvia this chapter I loved it. Gray quickly recognized that it was not juvia, generally she would have thrown herself when I heard her wait for her, I do not know why, but juvia's character in this sequel I liked a lot. On the other hand, it has already been shown that the mental power of the white magician is not so powerful, at first he thought it was because he was wgd, but now that juvia could comment on it, it seems that this magic is not so powerful, although you have to consider that you have a full guild, I do not know what to think. The most certain thing is that the only way they can seal the dragon is by means of its human form, although here lies in the fact that it is a dragon with a large number of inhabitants by hand who adore it, and it would imply a catastrophe if it adopts a physical human form This arc is going to be interesting, especially because this whole guild + the diabolos guild + white magician, everything is in this city, in terms of building history is a tremendous hype, knowing that ignia, the uncontrolled form of natsu (END) and that touka can have direct contact with natsu.

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Paramount is the 28st chapter manga, 100 Years Quest arc of Fairy Tail. Manga Pizza are serving you the hottest chapter of Fairy tail 100 years quest chapter 28 today! A quiet start where we see a bit of Juvia's interaction with the rest of the team, but this is where Gray noticed the strange, because although in the Doujinshi and the Fanfic there is a lot of Juvia stalker, she really It is not like that, it is where Gray noticed that there is something strange, if it is the only one that I notice, it is because he knows her better than the others. The drawing style of Ueda here had ups and downs, in some parts it looked deformed and in others it looked incredible, but hey, they are styles and do not affect the plot too much.

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I liked the image of Aldron, I say, so far the biggest being in fairy tail had been Ikusatsunagi that was bigger than a Mountain, but Aldron is even bigger, a city even bigger than Crocus which is already several kilometer of diameter easily fits on the back of his leg, but something tells me it is a good dragon since people seem to worship him as the God he is, even so, I imagine that in order not to destroy the city, Aldron to move must to be able to leave the skin there as if they were gloves if that is their Dragon form, how will the human form be? And even more, seeing its size, like Mercphovia and Ignea, will you fear Acnologia? we already saw that at least two of the Dragon Gods if they feared the King, but with the Size of Aldron, if he also feared him, then he only speaks of the great power of Acnologia.