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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 36 Release - Mira and Erza have been rivals for a very long time, even battling each other since they were kids, Mira lost a lot and had to regain her strength overtime to reach her original power. Which she was clearly doing, making even Natsu and Gajeel and Gray nervous at her strength who she was not even trying. Only interesting thing was the Ghost slayer which seems really cool. Everything else doesn't seem to interest me. I wish Hiro would finish the original battles before introducing new ones. Lucy vs Struass siblings seems pointless. I mean we don't get to see Leo or any of the other spirits actually fight. We only saw 1 stardress mix and only one attack from that stardress Mix We don't even get Jellal vs Laxus. The fights so far have been extremely sucky. Also I seriously doubt Mirajane stands any chance against them. I doubt she even posses an attack that could hurt Madmole same with I doubt her durability could survive Skullion attack, you know the same attack that one shotted Gray and the Water god. Based on her past performances I would call BS if she stands any chance against them.

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You could read the latest and hottest fairy tail 100 years quest 36 manga. If you have anything to share regarding fairy tail 100 years quest 36 predictions or fairy tail 100 years quest 36 spoilers, please leave every of your message at the comment section. The Ghost DE is of an interesting type more because of what he says only some can see him, yes, he seems interested in Natsu. The DE that attacks Wendy does not seem so powerful, since Wendy in Base mode is being able to half-free the cobwebs. The fighting is beginning to accommodate, we saw that the Jellal that is possessed seems to be that his emotions for Erza manage not to follow Touka's orders and is willing to face Laxus and Kirya.
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Lucy is still in combat and I see that in some ways her level of power with the Stardress is enormous, because although Mirajane has managed to defeat Loky (because of the bonds of that) but Lucy still looks very energetic and without fear of face them both Strauss. When he finally has a good strategy ready to attack Mira with Geminis turned into Lissana (and thereby defeat Mira taking advantage of the idea Elfman used before confronting them, since Mirajane never attacked his brothers) while invoking Taurus to he faces Elfman, but the appearance of Skulion and Madmole has interrupted the fight, although it seems that the one who attacked Geminis turned into Lissana has made Mirajane angry and I think Lucy could take advantage of that to save them.

I like lisanna's kitsune more than lucy's sd combo too, I dislike sd in general, because it feels like a forced "Erza-knockoff" power for the sake of having lucy cosplay for fan service theres more things I dislike about them, I'll talk about them other time. Don't misunderstand I like seeing lucy in pretty outfits, but that being connected to her power: and if some one says erzas powers are also cosplay for fan service, at least 90% of them are actual combat gear or armour. Scorpio, cancer and sagitarius are the only ones that look like combat gear 3 out of 11. Taurus is lucy's worst mind the guy talks about protecting lucy's nice body but gets caught in one fell swoop. Frankly, lucy's most useful minds are caprico aries scorpio and gemini cancer.I can tell that the next chapter is going to be a comedy fight with mira and the dragon eaters, since lisanna was not really killed, mira will just mistaken gemini as lisanna and will just punish the two.