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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 10 Spoiler - Touka is completely suspicious she was the one who stole mercfovias powers and she must be as dangerous as zeref also I think her love for natsu is all an act to steal his powers too she must have a good reason for living opposite of lucy's house. Interesting now that the dragon eaters know the water dragon god have no power they are going to track down who has it and that possibly will inevitably take them to fiore unless natsu and his team defeat them. Is funny how touka is acting just like juvia, though gajeel was taking his detective job a little too serious if it wasn't by juvia he would have peek on her. Nice hint about levy be most likely pregnant. Now touka issue got more interesting as she was revealed as the white mage who steal the water dragon god powers which is something very impressive if more mages could steal the power of dragons, the dragon slayers are not needed. But I don't see the point of touka living besides lucy apartment seems too obvious, unless she really didn't find another place to stay.

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read manga: Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest 10 on line - This is Page 1 of Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest 10, click or swipe the image to go to 2 of the manga. enjoy the latest chapter here at MangaPizza. Could it be possible that zeref created touka as a companion for natsu when he died. Because is too much coincidence that some time after zeref die, a girl appears claiming to love natsu, now is revealed that she is a 100 year old wizard known as the white mage along with having the ability to steal the powers of a dragon as powerful as acnologia. Sounds like some kind of fail-safe to me.
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I hope Touka introduction leads to reopening the END plot, it's obvious it's what she wants. I'm pretty sure Natsu still has END power dormant in his body but doesn't want to use it cause it isn't his power. His seeds destroyed just meant he won't ever dragonize or demonize. END plot was one of the biggest disappointments in the main series to me, being a huge Natsu fan I wanted to see him harness that power eventually. We’ve already got several God Dragons equal to or greater than Achnologia somehow (not to mention they’re alive), we have these Dragon eaters who are absurdly strong as shit (they eat dragons as if they’re fodder), and now we have this White Witch? These always just lead to bigger disappointments. We never got any actual indication that Akhseram exist as an actual being, it could be be just a rumor in the magic world. After all we never saw anyone directly curse Mavis or Zeref, With Zeref it looked more like his own power got out of control by an emotional outburst and with Mavis it was an imperfect spell that had a side effect. I dont think Akhseram really exist.