Fairy Tail Chapter #528 - Natsu Vs Zeref Final Fight Beginning and E.N.D of AUGUST Leading Into Fairy tail 528 manga. It seems to me like august's greatest desire was to meet and be loved by his parents (like any other person who never knew his parents or was separated from his parents too early). August didn't just get distracted by his mom and lose control of his magic. He saw his mother, a person he's always wanted to meet, and could not kill her. Not because he didn't have the ability, but because he cared about her. He said the only one that could stop him was his mother, not for her magic ability, but because he could not bring himself to kill the person he wanted to see the most. He stopped his magic on purpose, but it was too late for him (damage was done) and he died in the aftermath. He didn't kill himself or anything.

Fairy Tail 528

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Fairy Tail 528 Manga - I think hiro has a really hard time getting rid of the very powerful mages that he writes up. So he has to go to the troupe that since there's no one who can take them out, have them take themselves out instead. With irene it was sacrifice in suicide to protect her child, with august it was exhausting his magical power and misplacing it to such a point that he disintegrated after being distracted by his mother. I mean they did say his mom is the only one who can defeat him so it's consistent with the past chapters. Although I think a lot of fans misunderstand how hard it is to get rid of top level antagonist. Take madara for example, he had to be defeated by imploding. Like who could've de feared august, please give me someone other than another antagonist.

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Read Fairy Tail 528 manga in high quality. Ichiya: Besides..
If we can lead Acnologia to a certain place
There might be a chance to win
Erza: Wha-!?
Jellal: Really!?
Ichiya: Isn't that correct?
Anna (?): Yes
Ending statement: The "key" that brings light to the chaotic battlefield!?

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So the only way the two strongest spriggan can be defeated is to kill themselves after seeing their loved ones at the last moment. It is pretty much the same thing, just replace erza with mavis. Though I am cool with that, they are so powerful, no one can beat them, more so august. Was confused for a moment, I thought august turned into a little kid, well zeref may never know of his existence, but at least mavis knows something. So yup natsu and zeref, they have to fight, no one can interrupt, I guess we are headed towards the end here, mavis has some plan I wonder what it is. Though I think acnologia is going to mess everything up, I am pretty sure the next chapter title refers to acnologia.