Fairy Tail 522 グレイの切り札 - Gray makes a risky choice and august vs gildarts begins leading into fairy tail 522-523 . Hyped about gildarts vs august because lets be honest. Gildarts is the only fairy tail member that should be beating the spriggans in a legit way. This will be an interesting fight between gildarts and august I think, gildarts magic breaks apart other magic so even with august's vast magic power and variety of magic gildarts will be a tough opponent, that isn't to rule out august being able to still fight on par with gildarts he will definitely be a challenge, also get to see zeref vs gray so that has some hopeful potential to give an interesting fight if he doesn't get one hit by death magic.

Fairy Tail 522

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Fairy Tail 522 Manga - I don' feel it will happen as much as I want it to, if gray was to use iced shell then that would incase zeref in ice forever and because when inside the ice. Who ever gets hit by the iced shell is still alive mean gray has beating zeref and not killed him so natsu would still live. Seeing this sacrifice natsu could get one of those power ups that fairy tail is know for. As much as I love the manga I can never see this happen due to the let downs in the past but I fell it would be epic if this happened. I think gildarts and august will be an even match in strength, and zeref will call off august before the two shake the country to the core. In my opinion august will be a pivotal key player in defeating acnologia towards the end of the series. We shall see. But cannot wait for the battle to begin!

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Fairy Tail 522 and Fairy Tail 523 is out! Well, natsu save gray life once again since he will be forget from the memories of anybody, guess thay it was predictable that he was stopped by natsu from fully casting the spell. Really thought that zeref would kill gray before he try using the spell. Natsu crying one moment and the next he was ready to rumble with zeref. Which look pretty badass in his new clothes.

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Erza and wendy had tough luck, of all the places to arrive acnologia appear before them, really want to know how they will get out of that one. Honestly though he kill cobra before appearing in front of the other dragon slayers, maybe he will smell that erza have a similar scent to eileen and will attack her then wendy, unless other arrive to help them. Eileen was toying with them and that led her to get badly hurt, but acnologia will kill then very easily withouth wasting time, since he had more dragon slayers to slay.

I see august was referring to acnologia arriving to the battlefield once again, the old man really fear the dragon king and with good reason to do.
He is bored with the current world, which means he will try to destroy it or like his name he will bring the apocalypse.

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