Master Enchantment is the 518th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail 518

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Fairy Tail 518 Manga - Wendy has gotten a lot stronger! Next chapter, I think irene would pull up some trick enchant moves anyway, I dont think until now she already use all her power. All eileen did was simply underestimate wendy's abilities as an enchanter. Truth be told, eileen could kick both of their asses very easily. Have you guys forgotten that she's a dragon? "It's just a physique" as mentioned by zeref, so in truth, they are fighting not a regular human, but an actual dragon. I hope the next chapter is where the fight with irene ends, this was taking too long since hiro skipped their battle that was about to start just to see someone else's fights against larcade and then seeing origins of dragons and erza's past, enough talk, more actions! Can't wait to see how the entire guild would deal with august's ultimate power, they are now on full exhaustion since they fought many guards, even many guards who were under irene's influence of her berserker magic! Something tells me, august isn't just gonna used same magic as his enemies to counter attack them, he might even use all magic powers from the fallen spriggans! I think after irene lose to erza, irene is going to convert to fairy tail after wendy uses the power of friendship to convince her that she understands her after now having shared a body, so she turns and helps fairy tail fight acnologia, but is either conflicted about zeref and his group or tries to get them to join, her vs august, after everything she and wendy just swap bodies every now and then so she can enjoy a meal. Full redemption.

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Read Fairy Tail 518 manga in high quality. Erza vs irene finale! Well, here is what I think about enchantments: first, the magnitude of the enchantment depends on the magical power of the wizard casting the spell. It can be done physically or internally, as long as the mage still possesses their soul and mp. Second, the casting time for enchantments are actually short. Either instantaneous or a few seconds. But as we've seen with both irene and wendy, enchantments can be casted really quick and can be done without much physical movement of the body.

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Enchantments are like formulas. In other words, there are all kinds of enchantments. A mage isn't limited to a specific one or type. Also, there are thousands of enchantments, you pretty much have a variety of enchantments that can be used. This is my speculation, but I believe that, unlike other magic where it takes time to learn a spell, enchantments are actually quite unique. As long as the enchanter is skilled enough and has enough power, they can make enchantments on the spot. For example, it's a back and forth kind of thing: if irene uses "Deus zero", wendy can copy the same formula irene is using and use "Deus zero" to counterbalance the effects and ultimately nullify irene's spell. This would work for any kind of enchantment it only takes seconds to learn, but it will only be strong/effective depending on the power/skill of the enchanter casting it. That was irene's mistake in the beginning. Every single spell she used on wendy, she didn't take into consideration that wendy is also an enchanter herself.

She assumed wendy was too weak to use the same type of "Formulas" as her enchantments, so she turned a blind eye to wendy's capabilities. In the end, irene screwed herself because wendy was very advanced in the art of enchantments, which allowed her to take over irene's body and overpower "Wendy belserion".

Plot twist: alieen turns into a dragon and then erza turns into a dragon

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