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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 15 Spoiler - Juvia is water god dragon's daughter. He is attached to human child and gave up being bad. Touka has been hostile to juvia from day one. How touka ties up with lucy and natsu and what her game plan is now a real question. If juvia gets father she will stop fearing rain and won't be so needy about gray. Hiro mashima is running in circles and he needs to break out few of his former strong fighters. I love laxus. He is going to be perfect candidate for master of fairy tail. Love how he protected touka from jellal and juvia from touka for right reasons. Fight with dragon slayer is premature. Those three mary sues will need lucy/gray to join the fight unless hiro mashima wants another round of groaning. I hope jellal's team mate will join and protect him. Or it could be gajeel and juvia. I miss meredy unless she is lamia scale, I want her ass back in fight. I have feeling, meredy and jellal will end up together. Love does not always conquer everything. He needs her magic to stay the course. Erza is going to lose him to darkness otherwise. What is happening in fairy tail guild is far more interesting.

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Watch out for the fairy tail 100 Years Quest 15. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming fairy tail 100 Years Quest 15 Spoilers. Laxus is GOAT. Not only did he save touka from jellal for right reason she had not done anything against fairy tail but also stopped her from hurting vulnerable juvia who time and again has proved that she is worthy member of fairy tail even if she loves one member more than others. Levy's reaction to gajeel was hilarious. Proves she has not forgiven him. Gajeel and juvia are both on guard against touka.

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Why is touka needling juvia so much. In all honesty I have a feeling juvia is daughter of "Water god dragon". Her  power she is still not able to handle it correctly and his love for another human child for whom he gave up being bad is pointing to it. Add touka's almost hatred towards juvia to mix. It will be cool if she indeed can learn to utilize her powers correctly. God knows what touka's game plan is. Though it may not have been smart of her to directly confront jellal who was having second thoughts, it makes me wonder what is she hiding or who. Laxus has not dropped his guard against her. He is turning into someone who can take reins of fairy tail when time comes. He will be worthy successor to makarov. Jellal will pull through. Question is who will help him. Oracion seis member or unbelievers of fairy tail.The weakest part is battle of team natsu and diabolos. The latter is strong set of villains. So them getting defeated at this stage will be counter productive. Team natsu is not at its full strength and also there is question of "Who is real white witch".  Still this chapter turned out to be more interesting that I thought.

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