Jessie is a member of Team Rocket. She tends to be a drama queen and has a diabolical temperament. She works with James and Meowth. Their main goal is to steal Pokémon, preferably Ash Ketchum's Pikachu. She and James have rivalry with Butch and Cassidy. Jessie's name is sometimes misspelled as Jesse, as her name comes from the infamous outlaw Jesse James. Jessie has long red hair in a snake style with curly tips, sapphire blue eyes and is usually seen in a customised Team Rocket uniform, which consists a white sleeved midriff with a large red R on it and a black short sleeved midriff underneath, a white short skirt and black thigh-high boots. She also wears green, pearl-like earrings and a long black gloves.From Pokémon Johto League Champions opening and onwards, Jessie's hair has changed from red to fuchsia pink.When a wild Scyther and its swarm attacked them, it manages to slash Jessie's long hair which is now styled into shoulder length like James in Tracey Gets Bugged. But in A Tail with a Twist when a wild Seviper manages to bite her hair it was ripped off and her hair becomes medium length all these hairstyles made Jessie furious when each of the Pokémon had accidentally cut her long hair.As Jessilina her disguise form, she wears an orange sleeveless dress that resembles an apron with yellow frills in each sides along with two pockets in the sides of her puffy dress. Underneath, she wears a white long sleeve button shirt with a dark blue laced ribbon on the collar and brown cowboy boots.

 Her long hair is tied in low pigtails and wears yellow thick glasses. This disguise is usually her coordinator form with her beloved Dustox.In the events of Pokemon: Black & White after she was promoted to Advanced Agent, Jessie's Team Rocket uniform is now charcoal gray before it changes back to the original white after Battling with the Love of Bug-Types!. In an attempt to hide the fact that she was from Team Rocket, She wears a dark purple trenchcoat, a matching sunglasses and a fedora hat to conceal herself. However, the trenchcoat is too long, so usually she ends up wearing it with James being the one walking and she sitting on James's shoulders.In the XY series, her initial disguise has her wearing a long pale blue sleeved v-neck jacket with a purple belt tucked on her jacket, a white long sleeved button shirt underneath and a white ribbon on the collar, white pants and a matching sandals, she wears a long white hat to make her hair shorter and wears sunglasses. Her sunglasses is also used as her headband while wearing her hat.As Jessilie her disguise form, she wears a different shades of purple long sleeved gown with dark purple linings as the baggy skirt is long up to her feet and has a light pink large ribbon at the back as its sash are hanging loose in each sides and a white fluffy extended collar on her dress. She also wears purple high heels while wearing a necklace with a pink diamond pendant on her neck and a emerald shaped earrings with gold outlines. Her hair is tied in a large bun with a sapphire shaped jewel with gold outlines at the center of her head.When she briefly works with Dr. White before she rejoins with James and Meowth as Jessilia, she wears an off-white long sleeve loose button shirt with a pink shoal to covered on both of her shoulders, blue denim shorts and brown sandals. Her hair is now tied in tangles while she is not seen wore a lipstick and her green pearl-like earrings on her ear. Jessie is the complete opposite of the Team Rocket trio, having a very tough streak personality of being vain and very prone to anger. She also values her beauty and became conscious of her long hair; she will become furious if her face or her hair is damaged. A prime example is in Tracey Gets Bugged when a younger Scyther manages to slash her hair into a shoulder length causing her to be devastated and tries to scare the captured swarm of Scyther in a wicked manner and physically beating Pokémon such as Meowth and her Seviper before she caught it in her Poké Ball.

Jessie also shows her violent outrage when someone insults about her beauty by calling her old or "old hag". Her anger also scares James and Meowth especially when their missions ends up in a failure.Jessie have a special preferences to snake-like Pokemon such as her Ekans who later evolved into Arbok and her Seviper. She also makes preference her love of Poison-type Pokemon as seen in The Ninja Poke-Showdown!. In addition, she adored her Dustox, which she then released in Crossing Paths!.Jessie also has a long-standing rivalry with Cassidy, another member of Team Rocket. Their rivalry is mostly pronounced in some episodes involving Cassidy and Butch, much like Ash's rivalry with Gary Oak. In Grating Spaces!, it reveals that Jessie and James managed to ruin their vacation privileges such as plane tickets for their vacation which they give to Brock's parents, Flint and Lola while posing as gym re-modelers and the two Pokémon, a Charizard and a Aggron, sent by Team Rocket's Delibird that are used to fight Ash's Donphan and Brock's Steelix. Jessie can be seen devastated for their actions after realizing these privileges belong to both Butch and her rival, Cassidy.During the events in Pokémon: Black & White, Jessie's tough personality had been subsided due to her promotion as an Advanced Agent. Her personality soon switched to being calm and collected, much more relaxed(and more like a true villain) but maintains her mean streak when facing Ash and his friends.

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