Daybreak arc

The Daybreak arc is the second story arc of Fairy Tail. The arc follows the foundation of Team Natsu as well as their first mission together as they are to retrieve a book from a corrupt politician. However, there is more to the mission than the client lets on. The trio soon reaches their destination, with Natsu and Happy deciding to get something to eat while Lucy is wandering around the town. Later she meets up with the two again, who are now dressed as maids as part of their plan to infiltrate Duke Everlue's mansion, only to reveal that it was just a joke. Afterwards, the trio meets their clients, Kaby Melon and his wife, raising suspicions to Lucy as she finds the Melon name familiar.

After the formalities, Kaby reveals that the objective is to retrieve a certain book and destroy it, with 2 million Jewel being the reward should they succeed. The trio is shocked upon hearing this but Natsu is more pumped then ever to get started. Lucy wonders about the reward being raised but Kaby simply responds by saying that he just can't allow the book to exist. Before he can elaborate further, Natsu grabs Lucy and the team heads for the Everlue Mansion, unaware that security has been tightened due to another guild failing the mission a week ago. Go home, ugly. They all soon arrive at the mansion and Lucy reaches the front door, posing as a maid applicant in hope of distracting Everlue. One of the maids suddenly smashes through the ground to respond to her application, followed by Everlue himself. After taking one look at Lucy, Everlue immediately rejects her as he considers her "ugly", and Lucy, devastated, regroups with the others after which Natsu decides to change the plan.

However, the trio is unaware that Everlue knows that they're Mages, having caught a glimpse of Lucy's Fairy Tail mark on her hand so he, along with his two other guards, is prepared for them. he team makes its way to the roof via Happy's Aera, having decided to just sneak in and take the book despite Natsu's wish to bust in, beat people up, and take it. Natsu melts a bit of a window and opens it from the inside, allowing the trio to access the house and from there, they try to sneak around the mansion unnoticed. However, they're almost immediately detected and attacked by Everlue's maids but Natsu manages to take them down quickly. The team then makes its way to one of the rooms which happens to be the library. They quickly look through the bookshelves and find the book DAYBREAK. Before they burn it, though, Lucy notices that the book is written by Kemu Zaelon, one of her favorite authors, and prevents Natsu from burning it as she wishes to read it first. Suddenly, Everlue joins them, having purposely let the trio roam free in the mansion to find out what they were after. As they squabble on what to do, Natsu scolds Lucy for stalling but Lucy refuses to let him burn the book so she decides to read it immediately instead.

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