Oración Seis arc

The Oración Seis arc (also known as the Nirvana arc) is the ninth story arc of the Fairy Tail series. Fairy Tail opts to form an alliance with Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, and Cait Shelter in order to destroy one-third of the Balam Alliance: the Dark Guild Oración Seis. However, the task proves not be an easy one, as they face their strongest foes yet. After helping Lucy get her rent by working as waiters for 8-Island, Team Natsu meets up with Yajima, the owner of the restaurant, whom they learn from about the dissolution of the old Magic Council. Meanwhile, Ultear, revealed to be alive and a member of Grimoire Heart, informs her master Hades of the Oración Seis and their movements, with Hades resolving to leave them be for now. Afterwards, Fairy Tail members learn of the powerful association called Balam Alliance and their plans of destroying a major portion of it, specifically the one under the Oración Seis' control, through an alliance with other legal Guilds. Elsewhere, though, six members of the Dark Guild watch the effects of something they refer to as "Nirvana" on the land itself. Team Natsu heads out to meet fellow Mages from Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and Cait Shelter, thus creating a team in order to stop Oración Seis in their tracks.

Upon arrival at the meeting place, The Trimens, Hibiki Lates, Eve Tearm and Ren Akatsuki, quickly show off their so-called "handsomeness" and treat Erza and Lucy like hosts. When their leader, Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, tries to get close to Erza, though, she kicks him away and he subsequently gets his head frozen in ice by the arrival of Lyon Vastia. Lucy then meets Sherry Blendy once again and the two seem to continue their rivalry, along with Gray and Lyon, with all of them being soon stopped by Lamia Scale's ace, as well as one of the Ten Wizard Saints, Jura Neekis. The group waits for the final member to show up, the one from Cait Shelter, and is surprised to have a little girl named Wendy Marvell and her cat companion, Carla, to join them. Happy immediately develops a crush on Carla while Natsu tries to remember where he heard Wendy's before. With all the guild members assembled, they learn of the Oración Seis' searching for a powerful Magic called Nirvana, with little known info about each of its six members. Before a true plan can be set up, though, most of the alliance runs out, searching for their enemy. As only Ichiya and Jura left behind, Jura is attacked by the former, who actually turns out to be Gemini, Celestial Spirits serving Angel, one of the members of the Oración Seis, with the real Ichiya having been beaten up badly. Having infiltrated their meeting, Angel now knows about the alliance's planned ambush. With ten of the twelve members of Allied Forces still searching for the Oración Seis' base, the airship Christina, which they were planning to use in their battle, arrives overhead but is suddenly blown up. The surprised Allied Forces are then greeted by the Oración Seis themselves, who made the first move. Happy, Wendy and Carla hide behind a rock, while everyone else tries to fight back. However, they are rapidly and effortlessly defeated by the six, with everyone lying on the ground, and Erza ending up lethally poisoned by Cubellios during her brief scuffle with Cobra. Oración Seis' leader Brain then prepares to finish the Mages off with his Dark Rondo, but is overly surprised in noticing a frightened Wendy hiding behind a rock. Brain proceeds to kidnap her, recognizing her as the "Sky Sorceress". Happy mistakenly gets carried away with her while Brain readies to finish off the downed Allies before departing. However, they are saved by Jura, with the Wizard Saint having arrived with Ichiya. Ichiya proceeds to use his Healing Perfume to heal everyone's injuries, but is surprised to learn that his Magic can't stop the poison that Erza is infected with. Erza then asks someone to chop off her poisoned arm, which Lyon tries to do and nearly succeeds before Gray stops him. In the midst of the argument, Carla calms everyone down by saying that Wendy can save her without the need for unnecessary sacrifices, since she is the Sky Dragon Slayer, capable of employing healing Magic, much to everyone's dismay. Realizing that they need Wendy's help, everyone now agrees that their new mission is to find and rescue Wendy and Happy from the Oración Seis. At an abandoned city, Brain tells everyone that Wendy possesses healing Magic and that they can use her abilities to heal him, much to their dismay, and with Cobra commenting that with him they'd rapidly find Nirvana.

Brain tells Racer to go fetch him, and for Cobra, Angel, and Hoteye to search for Nirvana. He also says that even if Wendy doesn't want to help them, she will when she finds out who she is healing, and that Nirvana is a Magic which make light and darkness switch places. Meanwhile, everyone splits up to try and find Wendy and Happy. Lucy remains with the downed Erza and Hibiki. Natsu, Gray and Carla are searching for their friends, Natsu asks about Wendy's Dragon Slayer Magic, and learns that Wendy volunteered for the mission just to meet him, and that the Dragon Grandeeney, who taught and raised Wendy, disappeared about 7 years ago, just like Igneel, the Dragon who raised Natsu and Metalicana, the Dragon who raised Gajeel. The group is subsequently attacked by the Dark Guild Naked Mummy, who they ready to fight. Elsewhere, the other groups of Allied Forces run across other Dark Guilds subject to Oración Seis. Meanwhile, Racer returns to the headquarters carrying a large, cross-shaped coffin, and the person in it is revealed to be Jellal Fernandes, seemingly in a comatose state due to Etherion's effect, and whom is said by Brain to know the location of Nirvana, having once been a member of the Magic Council. Happy and Wendy are both surprised to see him still alive. Outside, Natsu and Gray are briefly shown fighting Naked Mummy. Back inside, Happy tries to convince Wendy not to save him due to what he did to Erza, but Wendy, further terrified by Brain threatening Jellal with a dagger, says that she loved him and owes him a great debt, she is then given 5 minutes by Brain to make up her mind. Meanwhile, Natsu and Gray are shown having defeated Naked Mummy, and trying to extort its top members the location of Oración Seis' base. The other members of Allied Forces obtained victory as well, with the exception of Ichiya, who was captured. Natsu, Gray and Carla have reached Oración Seis' base, and the former's screams prompts Racer, on Brain's order, to go outside and assault them. Gray engages him in combat while Natsu and Carla reach the cave their friends are in. Just to see Jellal well and alive, a crying Wendy having healed him. Natsu rushes against him, but Jellal rapidly takes him out with a spell, unexpectedly doing the same with Brain, and then leaving. The group leaves the place to go and heal Erza, with Carla carrying an unconscious Wendy, and Brain, thinking that Jellal wants to keep Nirvana all for himself, orders Cobra, from a far place, to follow him. The confrontation between Gray and Racer continues, and, as Carla and Happy carry Natsu and Wendy away, they are spotted by Racer, who rushes towards them and had knocked them out the air. Natsu catches all of his unconscious friends and runs. Just as Racer is about to catch up to them, Gray prevents him from continuing the chase with Ice-Make: Rampart. Natsu makes a run for it, and Gray continues his battle. Elsewhere, Jellal is shown having knocked a Erigor member unconscious and robbed him of his clothes and, as he leaves wearing said clothes, he whispers Erza's name to himself.

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