Tartaros arc

The Tartaros arc (Tarutarosu Hen) is the fifteenth story arc of the Fairy Tail series. The Dark Guild known as Tartaros makes their move on the Magical World. Beginning with an attack on the Magic Council Headquarters, the Nine Demon Gates quickly begin the execution of their plans, starting with the elimination of almost the entire council. In the aftermath, news of the event is quick to reach the ears of Fairy Tail. After over one hundred civilians are killed by Tempester's Magical Barrier Particles and Tartaros' targets are known to include former council members, Natsu declares war against the Dark Guild. In the Magic Council Headquarters, the members of the Council discuss the recent victory of Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Games. As the conversation begins to drift, Chairman Gran Doma reminds everyone that the topic of discussion is Tartaros and reveals that recently, the guilds associated with them have been wiped out. While some believe an Independent Guild to have been behind it, when Fairy Tail is brought up, Org instead suggests that Tartaros themselves are to blame. Though the others do not believe such is possible, Gran Doma states that it is within the realm of possibility and proclaims that now is the time to take up arms and make their stand. Suddenly, a messenger runs in and reveals the presence of an imminent threat; an explosion takes place and destroys the building. Doranbolt looks nearby, only to find Lahar and the council members lying lifeless. Searching around, Doranbolt finds Org but before he can get to him, another person gets to him first and pins him down. Revealing himself as Jackal of the Nine Demon Gates, the Demon prepares to kill Org with an explosion. As he is about to die, Org tells Doranbolt to escape, which he reluctantly does just as the elderly council member dies in an explosion. Over at the Fairy Tail Guild, business continues as usual. Makarov is surprised to hear from Erza that Minerva has joined a Dark Guild and suggests informing the Council of it. Meanwhile, Juvia bakes bread buns with her and Gray's faces on them in an attempt to get him to eat them, though her plans do not work out as intended. Simultaneously, other Mages take a look into a book about Zeref and learn that E.N.D. is his strongest Demon. As Panther Lily wonders what Zeref's Demons are, Carla explains that they are his creations and can be summoned via his books. Natsu, knowing Tartaros likely has the book with E.N.D. in it, suggests attacking them, something Gajeel agrees with. Though Lucy berates the idea, Natsu claims that since Igneel attempted to destroy E.N.D., he might find a clue, with Wendy and Gajeel suggesting connections with their own Dragons. Suddenly, Jet and Droy return to the guild in a panic, announcing that something terrible has happened.

At the ruins of the council headquarters, medics arrive to tend the wounded and the soldiers securing the perimeter while Doranbolt visits Cobra in his prison cell and asks for his knowledge on Tartaros. Cobra demands the release of his comrades in exchange for providing Doranbolt with information. Doranbolt, in no position or mood to grant his wish, threatens him, but Cobra stands his ground and decides to reveal only one fact. At the same time, Kyôka meets with Silver and the rest of Nine Demon Gates barring Jackal and Tempester. Going forth, the seven members of the Nine Demon Gates prepare to bring despair upon humanity, while back in his cell, Cobra reveals to Doranbolt that all the members of Tartaros are Demons from the Books of Zeref and that their master is E.N.D., the most powerful of Zeref's creations. During their meeting, each of the Nine Demon Gates express their opinions on their current work, noting it is for Zeref that they intend to eliminate mankind. Meanwhile at the 8-Island Restaurant, Freed, Bickslow and Yajima read the newspaper and learn about the attack on the Magic Council and the arising death toll. As the Fairy Tail Mages work alongside Evergreen, they wonder where Laxus is, having gone out on an errand. Suddenly, a hooded figure appears in the door and, in an instant, destroys the establishment. Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen are all easily knocked aside by the intruder and he attempts to kill Yajima, however Laxus intervenes and takes over the fight. Shedding his disguise, the man reveals himself as Tempester, one of the Nine Demon Gates. However, despite his attempts, Laxus is ultimately able to overpower and defeat him. Forced into a corner, Tempester sacrifices one of his lives and unleashes Magical Barrier Particles, particles which create Magic deficiency, illness and can spread quickly. As Yajima, Evergreen and Bickslow collapse from this powerful poison, Laxus begins inhaling the particles, able to do so due to his Dragon Slayer lungs. Though Freed tells him to stop, Laxus is determined not to let anyone die as he tells Freed to get everyone home. In the guild, the affected Mages are treated by Porlyusica, who reiterates their highly serious condition. Freed tells Makarov that Laxus is responsible for saving the town, but Makarov recalls that the particles still spread and resulted in both a quarantine and over one hundred deaths. Not knowing this, Freed asks if the town is alright, to which Makarov answers in the affirmative, relieving him. As the other Mages in the guild are saddened by these recent events, Natsu is furious and angrily declares that now is the time to go to war. While Tempester regenerates, Kyôka monitors the captured Minerva's transformation into a Demon and fellow Demon Gate Franmalth puts high hopes on her in place of the failed Doriate, all at Tartaros headquarters, Natsu is throwing a violent tantrum, wishing to wage war against the Dark Guild, but without any clear direction of where to start. Both Makarov and Erza concur, with them realizing that they don't have enough information to take the war to the Dark Guild. The guild members conclude that their only course of action is that they need to stake out the hidden former Magic Council members who are currently being targeted; Loke appears and reveals he knows where some of the retired Council members are currently staying by means of seduction. With the location of four ex-Council members, Fairy Tail starts splitting into groups and heading to their locations in order to protect them, as well as find out more information on both Tartaros and the other retired members. After Porlyusica requests that, if possible, they get a sample of Tempester's blood, and Elfman and Mirajane Strauss say goodbye to Evergreen and Laxus respectively; Makarov gives a rousing speech before the teams split up to guard the ex-Council members. As it so happens, Natsu, Lucy, Wendy Happy and Carla are sent to guard Michello, who is less than enthusiastic about having the Fairy Tail members guard him, regardless of the situation. His granddaughter, Michelia talks him into calming down and he ponders reasons as to why Tartaros would be targeting them, however just as he thinks of a possible reason, Natsu smells something and pushes everyone down, just before an explosion destroys Michello's home. Fortunately, Natsu's manages to consume most of the explosion before it could cause any casualties. Just then, Jackal appears above them, curious as to why no one is dead. In light of the irksome wreckage to his house, Michello is advised to run from the Tartaros member by Lucy, from whom he is protected by the woman and Wendy.

Before Natsu can take Jackal, the Demon creates a town-wide explosion that causes the populace to panic; the two now do battle, but Jackal finds that his heat-based attacks do nothing against the Fire Dragon Slayer, who eats each explosion, prompting Jackal to attempt to tell Natsu something, however he is interrupted. Meanwhile, Michello realizes that Tartaros may be after "Face" and attempts to flee so as to learn the locations of the other councilors, however Natsu stops the man and asks him to reveal everything he knows about what Tartaros may be after, which he refuses to do. Jackal then returns and reveals to Natsu that he has a "curse": whatever touches his body is doomed to explode; as marking appear on Natsu's body and detonate, putting him out of commission, Jackal threatens the safety of Michelia so as to force Michello to reveal all his secrets. As Michello attempts to escape, Wendy and Lucy attempt to stop the pursuing Jackal but find their attempts futile as the Demon reveals that he and the members of Tartaros do not use Magic, but rather Curses, which stand above Magic. Defeating the two of them swiftly, Jackal leaves to chase Michello while Wendy and Lucy recover soon after, with the latter going after him as the former stays to take care of Natsu. In town, Michello attempts to get someone to hide him but fails as nobody does so just as Jackal appears. A pursuing Lucy is caught in Jackal's Landmine Curse, one which will explode should she move. Noticing the crowd, Jackal takes this to his advantage as he encases Michello and a woman in two bomb orbs which are set to explode and asks Lucy which one should survive. Michello argues adamantly for her to save him while the lady claims to be pregnant, making the choice hard for Lucy. However, before having to choose, Lucy is freed from the obligation as Natsu arrives and elbows Jackal, freeing the captives. Knocking out Michello, Natsu eats the curse laid upon his body prior to it exploding, shocking Jackal. Natsu quickly delivers a beat down upon Jackal and though this brings the touch curse upon him, Natsu is able to eat it, preventing it from knocking him out. Jackal sees this and begins to feel fear and enters a more powerful form. As he states that humans cannot compare to Demons and should die, Natsu replies that they are humans who fight for their friends and will fight anyone for their sake. Activating his Lightning Fire Dragon Mode, Natsu attacks Jackal with his Lightning Fire Dragon's Firing Hammer, knocking Jackal away and causing him to revert to normal before collapsing himself. Before they can weasel information from Jackal, the Demon turns his body into a bomb and attempts to blow up the town, apologizing to Kyôka before he can do so. However, Happy takes Jackal's body and carries him into the sky before he can detonate to save everyone; Jackal's body creates an enormous, town-sized explosion that engulfs Happy. Everyone looks on in anticipation until the smoke clears and Happy is revealed to be relatively unharmed, relieving everyone. Back at the Fairy Tail Guild, Makarov starts receives various pieces of news regarding the fates of the councilors that he sent his Mages to protect, all of which reveal a negative prognosis. Meanwhile at the house of ex-Council member Yuri, Elfman and Lisanna find the occupant already unmarked and deceased. Before they can report back to the guild, Yuri opens his eyes and destroys the Lacrima before collapsing once more. The perpetrator then reveals herself: it is Seilah, one of the Nine Demon Gates. She then uses her Curse on Elfman, which forces him to choke Lisanna, much to his dismay. Concurrently, Lucy manages to establish communication with the guild and informs Makarov that Michello is shaken but unharmed. Michello, at Makarov's behest, begins to explain exactly what Tartaros is after: Face; a weapon that nullifies Magic across the entire continent. Realizing that Tartaros will be unaffected because they use Curses, not Magic, Natsu demands the location of the weapon so that they can destroy it, however Michello reveals that three Councilors are the Organic Link Key and the only one who knows their locations is the former chairman. Now understanding that Tartaros is assassinating ex-councilors to unseal Face, Laki reveals that they've found the chairman's hidden address and have sent Erza and Mirajane to protect him.

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