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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 30 Release - To think the White Mage did what Zeref failed to do and that was attacking the Fairy Tail Guild directly. Though wonder what Aldoron is planing he must be knowing what is going on. For a God Dragon, Aldoron is pretty quite docile and a sleepyhead as he does his walks and takes a nap after that while the people of five cities on his back and two hands continue on their daily lives. Like Mercuphobia, he is benevolent enough to let humans build their homes on top of his body and lived there 400 years ago. And the Wood God Dragon has no wings at all which means he fled to Giltena away from Acnologia by foot. Considering he has telepathy to read people's minds, Aldoron can probably hear what is going on his five cities among his human citizens including Tean Natsu's encounter with White Wizard Touka and her brainwashed servants that is Fairy Tail and Jellal.

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Apprehend the newest fairy tail 100 years quest 30 spoilers, It was revealed that Touka merely stole Mercphobia's ability to control his magic, not his actual magic power. Ignia did, however, state that Mercphobia was only fighting at half his usual strength against team Natsu though. Read fairy tail 100 years quest 30 scans Online. Fairy tail 100 years quest 30 chapter can be read in this page and will be updated to convey you the foreseen scanlations on its issue date.

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So Mercphobia was weakened, not powerless. What do you mean they crushed his magic pillars? Team Natsu were ragdolled by Mercphobia's water pillars, and Mercphobia was just spamming them randomly at the city. If you mean the dragon eaters, well they only managed to do that against Mercphobia's human form. His dragon form is way more powerful.

Natsu can't create flames in the first place if he's underwater. If he's above the water and can get a flame going, those flames can become hot enough to vaporize water. Besides it's not like Natsu attempted to enter FDK mode or anything in that earlier instance, which was what he used to vaporize the lake.