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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 41 Release - Now, Cana has broken out of the white witch control? Why was she with them then? Seriously. Gray has been doing nothing, but sitting there this entire time are you serious? I am sorry but this shit has not made sense. Why did Wendy the person who was supposed to get the KOed people free from the white witch control go off on her own? Like how the hell are they supposed to free their friends when Wendy is off doing her own thing instead of helping them? Oh, here come the plot tool Cana with fairy glitter which surprisingly erases the effects of the white witch control. So why was she fighting Gray? Kryia vs Laxus. God have mercy... Laxus looked dope, but holy shit that fight was wack. She hypnotized herself? Seriously? Was there any explanation of how he overpowered her spell? At least that's over. I fear for us to comeback to Mira's fight and she's been off screen, but I wouldn't be surprised at this point. These fights have been utterly disappointing. I wanted either strategy or straight cool new spells that look overpowered, but the only thing we got is soul form Natsu and Lucy's mix dress. It's taking too long to destroy these orbs as well. The Dragon Eaters and the people under the white witch control seems to not give a hoot of destroying the orbs. Only one who cared about his objective over fighting was the Web Dragon Slayer.

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Start reading fairy tail 100 years quest 41 in this fairy tail 100 years quest manga blog. Between Kyria's expression after being beaten by Laxus, and her expressions when she was fighting Erza, she seems to be fight-sexual. Things seem to be starting to turn around for Fairy Tail, seeing as Cana and maybe Laxus are on their side the end of the chapter makes it seem like Laxus is back to being on fairy tail's side, at least. This is fairy tail 100 years quest 41 manga chapter scans online. Fairy tail 100 years quest 41 chapter can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date.
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Still, I figure there's going to be some kind of monkey wrench thrown into this, since there are still two cities that we haven't seen yet, and between Laxus's brainwashing being removed, Makarov being unconscious, and Jellal prioritizing Erza over the White Wizard's mission, the White Wizard just lost 3/5 of her most powerful victims. Plus we know where all of the Diabolos members are, unless there are even more of them scattered throughout Aldoron. The faster we finish this the better, so I applaud that they have finished the part of Cana so quickly, have joined Lucy with Gray and Juvia and that the next chapter dedicate it entirely to the fight by Mira Vs Skulion and Madmole, Hiro could not give an adequate end to the fights, and the main plot is Aldoron. Hopefully if Erza has to fight with Laxus, don't give us another false hope, it would be good if they settled accounts after what happened in the Kardia cathedral, I will have to wait for the Spanish version to understand what happened with Cana.