Edolas arc

The Edolas arc is the tenth story arc of the Fairy Tail series. With Wendy admitted into Fairy Tail and Gildarts' homecoming, the entire town of Magnolia is thrown into disarray, as they are all sucked into the parallel universe, Edolas, through a portal. Seeing no other way to get their friends back, Natsu, Wendy, Happy, and Carla utilize the pieces of that portal in order to travel to where their friends are. When they arrive, however, everything is not what it seems to be, as they find out that their friends are not the ones they lost. To make matters worse, in the midst of it all, they are thrown into a terrifying plot involving the Exceeds, the Dragon Slayers, and Mystogan's father: Faust! Team Natsu returns home to their Guild with Wendy and Carla. Natsu enjoys a short time of sick free transport and Lucy thinks back to all that happened after learning the truth about Cait Shelter. The Allied Forces members have all headed back to their respective guilds on good terms. Lucy is approached by Gemini, Scorpio, and Aries who tell her of Angel's arrest and their voided contracts. They ask to form a contract with Lucy, and she is surprised to receive 3 of the 12 Zodiac keys at once. She also shows her kindness to them, which does not surprise for Gemini, confuses Scorpio, and delights Aries for being set free of mistreatment, and for being with Loke again. As they arrive at Fairy Tail, Wendy and Carla are instantly welcomed by everyone. They learn that Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer, and the Master then throws a welcome party for Wendy and Carla.

Wendy instantly takes a liking to the guild but Carla is somewhat disturbed by the guild's immaturity. Gajeel, leaning on the pole as he watches the festivity, becomes frustrated to see both Natsu and Wendy have their own cats while he is the only Dragon Slayer without one. Mystogan then looks down from the second floor and is shocked to see Wendy arriving at Fairy Tail, before he disappears. A few days later the town and the guild learn of Gildarts' return, with most of the new members unaware of what’s going on until they learn that Gildarts is currently the strongest Mage of Fairy Tail, and that he had just returned from a century quest after 3 years. Following the announcement of Gildarts' return, the town immediately sets up the town to be separated for a path straight to Fairy Tail called Gildarts' Shift. This is due to his Magic Crash, which destroys everything that he touches. When Gildarts arrives at the guild, he is surprised to see how much the building and some of his friends had changed. Natsu then, without hesitation, charges toward him for a fight but gets beaten with just one throw. He later talks with Makarov about the mission, and says that he couldn't finish it, greatly shocking everyone since he is their strongest Mage. He later leaves for his home, but tells Natsu to come over since he has something to tell him before accidentally destroying a wall while leaving. Happy and Natsu head toward Gildarts’ home and the first thing he asks is about Natsu's relationship with Lisanna, with the latter quickly becoming upset and telling him that she died 2 years ago before proceeding to leave, until Gildarts stops him and tells him about meeting a a black Dragon and how that Dragon forced him to quit the 100 year mission. Natsu tries to run away, since he believes that the Black Dragon might know where Igneel is and how he could find him, but Gildarts attempts to stop him, showing him the severe injuries he received when the Dragon attacked him. When he tells Natsu that no human could defeat the Dragon, Natsu angrily exclaims that he's called a Dragon Slayer for a reason and then runs off. Flying through Anima, everyone arrives at Edolas, amazed that such a world exists. Shortly after, Happy and Carla’s wings disappear and they fall in a storage building. After finding some disguises, Natsu spots a Fairy Tail guild mark outside the window and runs towards it. However, everyone's behavior there disturbs them. Shortly after, Lucy spots them and confuses Natsu for their friend. Soon, Carla realizes that the people here are not their friends, but they are the inhabitants of Edolas. Realizing that their friends must be at the Royal City, they prepare to leave but then someone bursts in and tells them that the Fairy Hunter has located them. Shortly after the Royal army arrives, Fairy Tail manages to teleport away to another location. There, Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla learn that Magic is outlawed, Fairy Tail is being treated as a Dark Guild, and it is revealed that the Fairy Hunter is none other than Erza Knightwalker. Clearing up the misunderstanding, Natsu reveals that they are from Earth Land, and that they are setting out to save their friends, with the others refusing to assist in such a dangerous mission. Along the way, the group bumps into a giant frog and tries to fight it but realize that none of them can use their Magic in Edolas. Luckily, they are saved by Lucy, who decides to give them directions and help them a little. Arriving in Louen, Lucy takes them to a black market to buy Magic items that they can use to fight. Shortly after they purchase the items, the royal army locates them and Natsu instantly tries his new weapon, which produces a giant blade made from flames. His effort is made useless thanks to the shields that the army uses, and for overusing his already limited weapon in one use. Just then, Wendy accidentally uses her Magic item, which summons a giant twister and sends the army flying some distance, which allows them to escape from the army. While hiding out in a building, they hear the army making a rattle and are surprised to see Earth Land Lucy with them. They immediately rush to help her, but are surprised that Lucy can use her own Celestial Spirit Magic, managing to summon Scorpio and Aries to fight the army. While hiding out in a forest, they learn that Lucy used Horologium to hide out against the Anima and that Mystogan is the one who sent her to Edolas. Earth Land Lucy then boasts about currently being the current strongest Fairy Tail Mage as she is the only one who has her Magic with her, and the group then formulates a plan, with Ashley realizing that they may be able to change things in Edolas. While hiding out at Sikka, Edolas Lucy decides to abandon them and head back to the guild so she can persuade the other guild members to help them. The next morning while wandering around, they spot an airship belonging to the Royal Army, and decide to hijack it so they can make it to the Royal City faster. However, when Lucy tries to summon Loke, Virgo appears instead and their plan hits a major problem. However, they are saved by other than Natsu's counterpart. When they stop they are surprised to learn that Edolas Natsu has driven them all the way to the Royal City, as well as his split personality of a confident driver to a shy boy who is afraid of Lucy when he's out of a vehicle.

When Dragion leaves and the group enters the city, they are surprised to see that Magic isn't outlawed in this town and are shocked when they see a giant Lacrima. They learn that the people at the Royal City claim it to be given to them by a god and the Mages, especially Natsu, are outraged by the King’s arrogant nature and greed, with Lucy trying to calm him down.Knowing that their friends are trapped inside the Lacrima crystal, the Mages try to find a way to release them and realize that the King might know a way to undo the spell. Also, Carla starts having visions about the kingdom and some secret routes that they can use, so they decide to infiltrate the palace and have Gemini take on the king's form and his memories so they can find the answer they're looking for. However, they are ambushed and captured by the army led by Edolas Erza. Just when Happy and Carla try to get them to stop, they immediately bow down, call them Exceed, and thank them for their successful mission, greatly shocking them since Carla thought their mission had something to do with the Earth Land realm. After Natsu and Wendy are captured, they try to get some answers but have only learned that Lucy will be executed, and that the Exceeds carried out their mission perfectly. Happy and Carla then wake up in a room to meet up with Nadi and Nichiya, who congratulate them too. Shortly after, they learn that originally Queen Shagotte was supposed to send them to Earth Land when they were still in their eggs, ordered them to kill the Dragon Slayers, but then the queen decided to change their mission at the last minute to capturing the Dragon Slayers. However, they had no way to reach them and tell them about the change, so when Carla and Happy brought Natsu and Wendy to Edolas, they unintentionally carried out their mission. Carla then breaks down because she thought for sure that she was abandoning the mission by helping them rescue their friends, but instead led them to a trap and failed to protect Wendy. However, Happy stands up for Carla by saying that they aren't Edolas' puppets, but Mages of Fairy Tail. They decide to escape and try to save their friends on their own, being labelled as "Fallen" in the process. After a short chase through the town they hide in a wagon, but it rolls down the hill with them on board. When they wake up, they find themselves in a field and then locate a giant Lacrima, even bigger than the one they saw before, and realize their location as well as where their friends are being held. Shortly after, a farmer shows up and helps them by hiding them from the army and in his house. There, the farmer and his wife treat Happy and Carla with hospitality and they learn that the reason they saved them is because they were banished from the kingdom and therefore they don't listen to their laws. Happy still decides to rescue their friends and tries to think of the next course of action, with Carla still feeling guilty. However, Marl's words manage to get to Carla, and she regains her senses, deciding to head out along with Happy towards the Royal Capital and save their friends. They jump off the edge of Extalia and then realize that the reason they couldn't fly before was because their minds were troubled, but now there is nothing to worry about and their wings sprout again. As they are leaving the farmer and his wife comment on Happy's growth, and reveal that they are actually his parents and that they are proud of what he has become, as well as having a cute girlfriend.

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