Tenrou Island arc

The Tenrou Island arc is the eleventh story arc of the Fairy Tail series. The time to see who's worthy enough to become an S-Class Mage descends upon Fairy Tail once again; the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial is about to begin. Makarov announces the competing Mages, and they pick their partners to help them pass the trial. However, only one contestant is allowed to pass this time round. Once they arrive, however, they soon find out that it is not just they who are on Tenrou Island, but another third of the Balam Alliance: Grimoire Heart. On top of it all, a mysterious youth is wandering on the island, killing all who crosses his path. The war between the Fairies and Demons begins. With the whole Edolas ordeal finally over, Lisanna returns to the Guild with her friends and siblings, where the other members greet her warmly and happily.

They even begin a celebration for such a miraculous event. This celebration, however, quickly turns into a brawl when Gajeel tries to get the Exceeds to fight one another, but accidentally starts one between the members instead. At the newly established Magic Council, the new members voice their complaints about the recent issues regarding Fairy Tail. Despite Org's arguments being in their favor, the new head of the council, Gran Doma, announces that they will forcefully disband Fairy Tail if they cause trouble once more.Elsewhere, within a forested area, a mysterious young man is attacked by wolves. Despite him pleading for them to leave him be, they persist in attacking him. However, his power is unwillingly activated, and he ends up taking the lives of the wolves, as well as the floral life around him. He mutters sadly that he wishes to meet Natsu soon. The guild grows excited at the announcement of the annual S-Class Mage Promotion Trial. Makarov states the venue: Tenrou Island, Fairy Tail's Holy Ground, and the eight participants: Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Juvia Lockser, Elfman Strauss, Cana Alberona, Freed Justine, Levy McGarden, and Mest Gryder. Makarov continues to explain that only one of those eight will become an S-Class Mage, and that each participant needs to have a partner that isn't an S-Class Mage. Soon, Carla sees a vision of Natsu and Cana crying, a lifeless hand on the ground, and the face of the young man in the woods. Later, every contestant successfully chooses their partner: Natsu and Happy, Gray and Loke, Juvia and Lisanna, Elfman and Evergreen, Cana and Lucy, Freed and Bickslow, Levy and Gajeel, and Mest and Wendy. One week later, the contestants go to Hargeon Port and board a ship. All the contestants and their partners make their way to the first stage of the exam on the ship. After the explanation of the rules, the trial commences and the contestants race to get off the boat, with each pair trying to get ahead of the rest to reach Tenrou Island. Natsu and Happy choose Path E as Natsu believes that Erza would be there, but they encounter Gildarts instead. Lucy and Cana are the last to arrive on the island and head through Path C to encounter Freed and Bickslow. Meanwhile, Juvia and Lisanna encounter Erza, Elfman and Evergreen meet Mirajane, Gray and Loke square off against Wendy and Mest, and Levy and Gajeel go through the safe route.

Freed and Bickslow decide to lose on purpose since they owe Lucy and Cana. Erza easily defeats Juvia and Lisanna, while Elfman and Evergreen manage to defeat Mirajane by catching her off-guard. Gray and Loke easily defeat Mest and Wendy, but are having trouble remembering Mest's background. Natsu loses to Gildarts in battle, but Gildarts lets him pass when Natsu learns to accept defeat and fear. Meanwhile, Panther Lily and Carla are flying towards Tenrou Island because of their suspicions regarding Mest. Lucy and Cana brainstorm where the grave might be by utilizing the vague hints left by the Master until Lucy comes to a conclusion to where the grave might be. Meanwhile, two members of Grimoire Heart ambush Levy. But just as she is about to be killed, Gajeel saves her. The members reveal themselves to be Kawazu and Yomazu and the battle of the two pairs begins. Levy and Gajeel are easily overpowered by the Dark Mages, so Gajeel tells Levy to run and warn the others. Before she leaves, she helps Gajeel replenish his energy by using her Magic to form a word from iron. With pure determination and pride, Gajeel battles the two Dark Mages despite his severe injuries in order to defend his guild. Just as Gajeel defeats Kamazu and Yomazu, Levy brings back reinforcements; Juvia and Erza. Comprehending the severity of the battle, Erza declares that the exam is now on hold, and launches a signal flare to let everyone know about the enemy attack.

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